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With (ION)

ThE (ION) Factory OS

A software platform that connects people, machines, and processes to meet the dynamic needs of 21st century hardware development, production, and operation.

The world is moving faster than ever, and we face bigger challenges than ever. We believe that a new generation of problems and a new generation of builders need a system to achieve our civilization’s potential.

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Unlock your potential.
deliver hardware like its 2051.

Dozens of manufacturers building the future of electric vehicles, aerial transportation, space-based systems, and more are already using ION to power 21st century hardware production. You can’t afford to wait.

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(ION) Factory OS


(ION)’s powerful aBOM (as-built of materials) model keeps unparalleled traceability as you build parts, upgrade parts, and go through servicing workflows. All of your process data comes along with the aBOM to help you answer tough questions – fast.


Capture rich data right from the factory floor while being confident in having the latest procedures on the factory floor. Issues (non-conformance) tracking allows you to keep tabs on deviations and get to resolution.


(ION) is built for teams looking to move quickly and accurately. With reviews and sign-offs, notifications, and real-time updates across all features, you will always have the latest production information at your fingertips.


Unparalleled traceabiltiy in (ION) allows you to achieve quality and security certification. Get the informaiton you need to certify your operation and your hardware with regulators and customers.


(ION) allows you to describe complex manufacturing processes with an easy-to-use editor and workflow builder. Its low-code interfaces allow you to define validation criteria which show up in the manufacturing process.

Supply Chain

Purchase parts, manage inventory, and send components into the manufacturing process in the same system building your parts. Supply chain specialists can manage suppliers and ensure high quality using rich data from the factory floor.

Technicians + Operators

(ION)’s Execution interface is built for technicians and operators. It an easy-to-use interface to move through step-by-step. You can also quickly capture comments, attach files, and share feedback right within your workflow.


(ION) Analytics creates a standard interface for your analysts to quickly pull data, build reports, and signal high-level issues directly to managers and bottom-line business owners.
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