Agility with Security: How Epirus saved 2 hours per engineer each week with (ION)

Epirus is a Los Angeles based high growth technology company that is rapidly developing and building software defined smart power applications for the defense and commercial sectors.

Since its founding in 2018, Epirus has placed a focus on agile product development, innovation and lean manufacturing  to keep itself and its partners responsive to evolving needs and efficiency. To support their growth and product lines, Epirus set out to look for a manufacturing solution that could support their short and long-term manufacturing systems  goals. Additionally, speed, reliability, and security are all constantly top of mind for a company like Epirus. Given the team’s diverse and extensive background, Epirus knew that it needed to find a solution that could meet all of these criteria while maintaining their innovative edge.


  • Fast implementation
  • Security at the highest levels
  • Improvement of manufacturing throughput


  • 30% Reduction in errors
  • 2 hrs Saved per engineer per week
  • 0 Time to start

Having used large systems, the team found (ION) in April 2020 and was able to start using in minutes, given its flexible and speedy cloud-based architecture. According to Epirus’ Director of Operationsohn Juell, “Most important to our decision to utilize was our ability to immediately transition from the current state manual to a digital system solution that was adaptable to our needs.”

While the platform met Epirus’ functional requirements, they were pleasantly surprised that ion could also meet their security requirements. With its Compliant Cloud offering (powered by AWS GovCloud), can serve customers with security compliance needs, such as ITAR, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and more.

For Epirus, improving manufacturing throughput and having visibility into its increasing material flow at the factory were critical. According to Industrial Engineer Jackson Lisec, “We have seen a betterment in the understanding of quality issues that arise on the floor leading to greater transparency with suppliers. Also, with trace, our ability to track serialized components in higher level assemblies has greatly increased.”

Just as important as improving throughput for a modern and fast-growing manufacturing company is the ability to measure that improvement. Jackson used to spend time manually collecting time study data to support manufacturing process improvement. With , the measurement and instrumentation is built-in, so Jackson no longer has to do manual time studies. Instead, he is able to focus on understanding the data as it comes from the manufacturing process in real time and developing solutions to improve Epirus’ production output and quality. According to Jackson, “With software-based data capture, collection time and accuracy of collection time has increased substantially.”

With [(ION)], our ability to track serialized components in higher level assemblies has greatly increased.
- Jackson Lisec, Industrial Engineer at Epirus Systems

By using, Epirus has improved communication and clarity across the growing team, which has resulted in a 30% improvement in production errors. They’ve been able to centralize their production, quality and configuration data into one unified view, saving engineers 2 hours a day hunting down critical information.

Epirus recently secured a strategic agreement with with Northrop Grumman enabling its CUAS technology. In addition to the core technology, Epirus’ model to deliver its product, Leonidas, to the field makes use of more modern and agile workflows to ensure it is able to maintain a dynamic manufacturing capability and capacity. With (ION)’s agility and data philosophy, the Epirus team can confidently plan manufacturing and deliver the right hardware, at the right time, in the right amounts. For a company innovating and developing as fast as Epirus, is the perfect solution and partner to develop next-generation technologies to keep our country safe.