Seamless integration from prototype to production


First Resonance is leading the next industrial revolution with the ION Factory OS. ION is powering companies building electric airplanes, rockets, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing robotics, and more. It is used by manufacturers of all sizes – from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500s – to connect parts, complex supply chains, and advanced machinery. Manufacturers build with ION to solve the world’s biggest problems in climate, transportation, and energy.

Ion interface screenshot demonstrating workflows.

unlock as-built Traceability

ION allows anyone to visualize and track your hardware's as-built bill of materials ("aBOM"). The as-built record ties together part and process data so you can understand every interaction that took place to your product - every assembly, test, quality check, inspection, calibration, remove and replace, and more.

Ion interface screenshot demonstrating workflows.

Execute Your Manufacturing WORKFLOWS

Manufacturing teams use ION to build, iterate, and track changes on their hardware from prototype through production. As you build with ION, your team is visually guided through processes, capturing in-process data, redlines, and issues along the way.

/Work Instructions

Ion interface screenshot demonstrating workflows.


Supply chain teams use ION to plan, purchase, and receive parts so teams are always ready to build. ION bridges your inventory to upstream purchase orders and downstream manufacturing workflows so you can track components from receiving inspections through production, installation, and operation.

/Receiving Inspection
/Inventory Management
/Issuing and Kitting


Connectivity and data are key to a successful manufacturing operation in the 21st century. When building a flexible and real-time manufacturing operation, Arevo chose ION to connect their additive manufacturing robots to keep people and machines on the same page and to receive accurate data in real time.

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Image of lasers engraving and machining metal.
Ion interface screenshot demonstrating workflows.

(ION) AUtoplan

ION Autoplan is a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) engine that takes into account all of the complex information in your factory operation – existing inventory, parts on order, available resources, and more – to give you a clear picture of what you need to stay on track for your hardware delivery goals.

industrial-grade SECURITY

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The simplicity of SaaS (software-as-a-service) backed by top of the line security. Manufacturers can now stay secure and compliant with our deployment options - standard, compliant cloud, and on-premise.

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Seamless integration with the rest of your factory stack

ION’s APIs make it easy to connect with the rest of your factory stack. Whether you have existing ERP, PLM, QMS, or another system, ION is ready to flow data in. With ION Webhooks, you can power your real-time, event-driven manufacturing operations.

ION users have connected with ERPs like Odoo, Infor LN; PLMs like Duro PLM, Siemens Teamcenter; and analytics tools like PowerBI and Looker.

In Summer 2022, the ION App Marketplace will bring online a number of other integrations to help connect your factory. Sign up to stay updated.

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